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Hello, and welcome to my Leadership ePortfolio!

I am Gil Orense, a seasoned Engineer and Technology Virtuoso who has gracefully waltzed through two decades within the industry. My soul has been fervently ignited by the scintillating flames of technology, software development, automation, and renewable energy. These wondrous fields have bestowed upon me the opportunity to concoct innovative solutions, which not only weave a tapestry of triumph in my projects but also embroider an enduring, positive impact upon the environment and our collective society.

The hallowed halls of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business witnessed my pursuit of an MBA, a transformative journey where I melded my technical prowess with indispensable management and leadership acumen. This intellectual sojourn unfurled a panoramic understanding of business operations and strategic decision-making, enabling me to navigate the labyrinthine world of commerce with poise and finesse.

Driven by my aspiration for public service and a desire to make a positive impact in my community, I decided to pursue a Master in Public Management program at the Ateneo School of Government. This program has given me the opportunity to refine my leadership skills and deepen my understanding of leadership, policy-making and public management, preparing me to effectively address complex societal challenges and contribute to the greater good.

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Welcome to the Course Outputs Section of my Leadership ePortfolio.

As I traversed the verdant landscape of my leadership course and the Master in Public Management program at the Ateneo School of Government, my spirit has been steadfastly tethered to the pursuit of ceaseless learning. I have eagerly plunged into a vibrant maelstrom of assignments, projects, and collaborative endeavors, all in a bid to unfurl the sails of my knowledge and forge my leadership skills in the crucible of experience. This section is a treasure trove that unveils these gleaming outputs, casting a luminous spotlight on the milestones of my learning odyssey and crystallizing my devotion to the lifelong quest for enlightenment.

In the Course Outputs, you will discover a diverse range of materials, such as concept maps, reflection papers, and group projects, which demonstrate my ongoing efforts to learn and grow as a leader. By showcasing these outputs, I aim to illustrate my growth as a leader, my capacity to analyze complex issues, my effective communication skills, and my collaborative nature. I invite you to explore these outputs and join me in appreciating the value of continuous learning and development in the pursuit of leadership excellence.

Student transformation
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Analyzing the Situation of Leadership in Public Service

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Dr. Arleneā€™s Leadership Story

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Leadership Practices - Adaptive Leadership and Learning-Centered Leadership

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Individual Concept Map 1 - Analyzing Leadership Concepts

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Reflection Paper 1: Resonant Leadership

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Reflection Paper 2: My Personal Ethical Dilemma

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Groupwork No. 5 - SWOT Analysis

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Groupwork No. 6 - Culture

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Interview Notes: Spirit of Leadership

Inspired Insights

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"Leadership is helping people face reality and mobilizing them to make change."

-Ronald Heifetz

Adaptive Leadership, as conceptualized by Heifetz in his groundbreaking work "The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World," has proven to be the most valuable concept I have learned in this course. This approach to leadership has transformed my understanding of effective leadership and has provided me with invaluable insights and tools that I have been able to apply in various aspects of my professional and personal life.

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Heifetz defines Adaptive Leadership as "the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive" (Heifetz et al., 2009). This concept focuses on the importance of embracing change, addressing complex issues, and fostering a growth-oriented mindset among both leaders and followers. The distinction between technical and adaptive challenges, as discussed by Heifetz (2009), has been particularly enlightening for me, as it has enabled me to identify and approach problems with a deeper understanding of their underlying complexities and potential solutions.

One of the key concepts in Adaptive Leadership that has resonated with me is the idea of "getting on the balcony" (Heifetz et al., 2009). This metaphor encourages leaders to take a step back from the immediate demands of a situation to gain a broader perspective and assess the bigger picture. By adopting this approach, I have been able to make more informed decisions, better understand the dynamics of my team, and develop effective strategies to address the challenges we face.

Moreover, Heifetz's emphasis on the importance of recognizing and addressing one's own "adaptive challenges" (Heifetz et al., 2009) has been crucial in my own leadership journey. I have become more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and I have developed a more nuanced understanding of how I can continue to grow and adapt as a leader.

A particular instance where I have been able to apply the principles of Adaptive Leadership was during a personal ethical dilemma I faced. By utilizing Heifetz's concept of "holding steady" (Heifetz et al., 2009), I managed to maintain my values and principles while navigating through the situation. This approach helped me to remain focused on the long-term outcomes, rather than succumbing to the pressure of short-term gains, and ultimately led to a more positive and sustainable resolution.

The Adaptive Leadership framework by Heifetz is instrumental in my growth as a leader. The lessons I have learned from this material have not only deepened my understanding of effective leadership but also equipped me with the tools and strategies needed to address complex challenges and foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. I am confident that the principles of Adaptive Leadership will continue to serve me well in my professional and personal endeavors with my pursuit of serving the public sector.




The Interview Notes on the Spirit of Leadership represent an experimental and tentative aspect of my portfolio work, which initially fell short of my expectations. However, as I reflect upon my learning journey, I realize that this experience has been invaluable in understanding my own mental biases, attitude and competency gaps, learning handicaps, and communication challenges.

By comparing the Interview Notes on Spirit of Leadership with my best work, I have been able to identify specific areas where I can improve. The initial attempt at this project demonstrated a lack of depth in my understanding of leadership concepts, and my approach to the subject matter was more surface-level than I had intended. However, revisiting the readings later in the course allowed me to view the content with fresh eyes and a more nuanced understanding of leadership principles, leading to a more profound analysis and interpretation of the interview.

The part with which I am least satisfied is the initial attempt at the project, as it lacked depth and a clear understanding of the spirit of leadership I intended to discuss. My approach to the subject matter was more surface-level than desired, which limited the impact of the output.

If I were to do this project again, I would focus on the following areas for improvement:

a. Actively engaging with the topic: I would spend more time analyzing and reflecting on the interview content, ensuring that my understanding of the spirit of leadership discussed is accurate and comprehensive.

b. Enhancing communication: I would work on presenting the spirit of leadership in a more clear and engaging manner

c. Embracing self-awareness and continuous learning: By acknowledging my own biases, strengths, and weaknesses, I would be better prepared to address and overcome the challenges I face as a leader.

The Interview Notes on Spirit of Leadership, while initially falling short of my expectations, ultimately served as a catalyst for personal growth and self-awareness. By embracing the lessons learned from this actiivity and continuously striving for improvement, I have been able to enhance my leadership abilities and more effectively navigate the complex world of leadership practice.

Child's Dreamlike Journey

Unanticipated Connection

Dilemma Concept

Throughout my journey in this leadership class, the most meaningful unanticipated connections have stemmed from the ways in which the course material and discussions have intertwined with my personal and professional life experiences. These connections have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the leadership principles discussed, making the lessons truly relevant and valuable to my growth as a leader.

One such connection has been the realization that the lessons learned from ethical dilemmas can be applied not only within the professional context but also in various aspects of my personal life. This understanding has empowered me to develop a stronger moral compass, enhancing my ability to navigate complex situations and make decisions that align with my values and principles.

Child's Dreamlike Journey

For instance, in my professional life as a Technology Provider for the Public Sector, I encountered an ethical dilemma involving a decision that would significantly impact the privacy and security of sensitive information. By applying the lessons learned from the course discussions, I was able to make a decision that balanced the interests of the stakeholders while remaining true to my values regarding data protection and privacy.

Another unanticipated connection has been the recognition that the principles of effective leadership can have a profound impact on my career in the technology and renewable energy industries. The course has helped me understand that strong leadership skills are vital in driving innovation, collaboration, and the sustainable growth of organizations operating in these rapidly evolving fields.

Child's Dreamlike Journey

Lastly, the discussions around ethical dilemmas and the importance of maintaining one's values and principles in the face of adversity have resonated deeply with me. These conversations have encouraged me to reflect on my own values and assess how I can consistently apply them in both my professional and personal life, ensuring that I remain true to my beliefs while leading others effectively.

The unanticipated connections that I have made during the course, especially those involving lessons learned from ethical dilemmas, have significantly enriched my understanding of leadership and its relevance to various aspects of my life. By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and life experiences, these connections have helped me transform the lessons learned in class into actionable strategies for personal and professional growth, ultimately making the work deeply meaningful and impactful.

Knowledge Evolution

Upon my initial foray into the fascinating realms of Don Dunoon's "The Leadership Mode: Concepts, Practices, and Tools for a Different Leadership," Heifetz's "Adaptive Leadership," and the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) Leadership Framework, I was captivated by the tapestry of leadership concepts and principles presented by these authors. Nevertheless, as I ventured to revisit these literary treasures throughout the course, the depths of their wisdom unfurled before me, revealing richer nuances and applications that had been veiled in my earlier readings.

Top View, Cropped View of a Group of Business People Putting the

Dunoon's exploration of the dance between various leadership modes, at first glance, appeared rather simplistic. Yet, as I delved deeper into the material, I discovered the true elegance of this concept in addressing the intricate and ever-changing challenges leaders encounter. As Dunoon poetically asserts, "Leaders who can move fluently between different modes...are more able to respond to the changing needs of their organizations" (Dunoon, 2009). This insight illuminated the path to a more versatile and responsive leadership style, tailored to the distinct rhythms and melodies of varying situations and collaborators.

In my first encounter with Heifetz's "Adaptive Leadership," my focus was riveted on the vivid contrast between technical and adaptive challenges. However, upon subsequent readings, my attention was drawn to the delicate artistry with which adaptive leadership principles could be woven into the tapestry of real-life situations. Heifetz, in his masterful prose, highlights the necessity for leaders to "orchestrate conflict" and "give the work back to the people". As these pearls of wisdom resonated within me, I recognized the value of empowering others to confront and unravel the Gordian knots of complexity, fostering a culture of resilience and innovation.

Similarly, my nascent understanding of the ASoG Leadership Framework blossomed as I immersed myself in its theoretical gardens. As the material flourished in my mind, I began to appreciate the pragmatic beauty of the framework, particularly within the realm of public service. The framework's emphasis on "Service, Personal Mastery, and Learning in Action," vividly painted a landscape where these principles were instrumental in sculpting an inclusive, accountable, and impactful public sector masterpiece.

Finally, revisiting the gentle, flowing river of Servant Leadership enriched my understanding of how prioritizing the needs of others can create a compassionate and effective leadership approach. "The servant-leader is servant first... It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first". This poetic insight inspired me to cherish and nurture the well-being and growth of my team members, cultivating a fertile ground for support and collaboration.


In conclusion, my journey of rediscovering the works of Dunoon, Heifetz, the ASoG Leadership Framework, and the principles of Servant Leadership has been akin to peeling back the layers of a literary onion, each layer unveiling a deeper, more profound understanding of the art of leadership. This blossoming comprehension has allowed me to recognize the practical applications and interconnectedness of these leadership approaches, ultimately weaving them into a rich, vibrant tapestry that guides my path toward effective and compassionate leadership.

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